Welcome to the Lake of The Woods Subdivision in Hubley
The Lake of the Woods Subdivision located off the 103 highway between Timberlea and Tantallon, NS was incorporated in June of 1970. The Lake of the Woods Homeowners Association (LOWHA) was incorporated in May of 1979. This is our website. The purpose of this website is to give newcomers and visitors a snapshot of our community, and to give current members access to information about upcoming events, developments and topics of concern as our community continues to grow. 

On this website you will find many points of interest at Lake Of the Woods Including, the fabulous features of the Lake Of the Woods community with photos,  homes and properties for sale, upcoming events, projects and initiatives, resident run businesses,  and bylaws and covenants that affect the community. 

For registered members of the community who sign up on the website, there are also articles featuring members of the community,  board meeting minutes  of  the Homeowners' Association, a member list for the Homeowners' Association,  and old and current newsletters. If you are part of the Lake of the Woods Subdivision and wish to access the full site, please take a few moments to register.   



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