Welcome to the Lake of The Woods Subdivision Hubley.

The BBQ & Funday was held this year on Sept 21st and, due to great support from the Homeowners in the area was again a great success.

If you couldn't make it or you made it but want to look back on the kid's obstacle course click the video link on the right below the slideshow.

Latest Bear info - please visit http://www.bearnovascotia.ca/ Jenny Costelo would like anyone who sees a bear to let her know on 861 2560.

RCMP community liason officer Lana Woodfine - call 244 7208.  In Emergency call 911 and not the local number!

Firewood and other home services - please see the News page.

Street Snow Removal Issues - the number is now the main HRM Enquiry Number 490-4000

Obstacle Course 2013
Click For Audio